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Logiq Consulting is an information and cyber security consultancy focused on ensuring our customers most valuable data is secure.

Our clients are amongst the most demanding in the World and have some of the most stringent and complex security needs.

We help to design and develop systems that enable them to focus on delivering their business securely.


Clear and Concise Advice

We recognise that security is often confusing to many people and is seen as a blocker or a pain to getting work done.

That is why we decided to approach things differently. We work closely with clients to ensure they understand the information we are providing.

We focus on providing clear and concise advice, removing the jargon, and ensuring clients understand the benefits of implementing system security.

We truly believe security is the foundation to a successful business.


Our Team

Integrity, Collaborative, Agile & Progressive

Founded in 2018, Logiq’s 4 founders began their journey following a social gathering. Recognising that together they were stronger, through consolidation of their technical expertise.

From humble beginnings located at the Temple Meads container park, Logiq now has two core offices in Bristol & Chippenham providing knowledge rich environments for our rapidly growing team. Through our disruptive approach and being able to challenge the status quo we are now an established key supplier for the MOD, where we continue to expand our teams and provide highly valued support. Our consultants are engaged across a variety of programmes to deliver Security Risk Assessments, Strategic Consultancy, Compliance Audits, Architecture Reviews, along with providing first class advice on System Design and delivering Secure Systems (SaaS).

Borne from one of our early client engagements was the requirement to establish a secure collaborative environment to share classified information, leading to the development of DISX®.

DISX® is a cloud-based SaaS specifically designed for the engagement across Defence and wider Government. DISX® client base continues to grow and we are now engaged at Business to Business level with Government Primes and beyond.

As cyber becomes the focus of most companies strategies, here at Logiq we always look forward and strive to be ahead of the curve, enabling us to make security the foundation of every business.