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Secure by Design


What is Secure by Design?

Secure by Design is the new UK Government approach to Cyber Security. Led by the Cabinet Office together with early adopters such as the MoD, Secure by Design fundamentally changes the traditional accreditation model to one based on continual risk management and security design principles.

Not just for security professionals. Secure by Design affects everyone, from senior management, to support teams and will be transformational — ensuring the UK Government and industry build and maintain the critical systems we rely-on to be secure, trustworthy and resilient to cyber-attack.


Why the new approach?

Cyber threats to the UK continue to increase. The growth of digital services, increasing complexity of critical infrastructure and services, and the evolution in technology, means we need to ensure the methods used for designing, building and assuring security into these critical systems are appropriate.

The traditional use of accreditation, and the focus on obtaining an accreditation certificate can focus security efforts in the wrong place. This approach can potentially mask serious issues including security being bolted on at the end of a delivery lifecycle, limited engagement from senior management, and a lack of ongoing security management once a certificate is obtained.


Security First

Secure by Design seeks to change the accreditation model. Security will be considered from the outset of a system lifecycle, where security risk is continually managed — seen as an engineering task, not a compliance problem, and where assurance and trust is ingrained from the development process. By adopting Secure by Design Government departments and their suppliers can have greater confidence and trust in systems.


Secure by Design Implementation Partner

Logiq are Secure by Design experts, founded by engineers, security engineering is in our DNA. Our team combines security engineers, system engineers, risk managers, and developers who understand how to work with organisations and product teams to help implement security from top to bottom, through-life.

We have helped to develop Secure by Design to help government departments implement organisational transformation in addition to helping complex product teams manage and implement secure by design as part of their product development process. All delivered in line with our philosophy of innovate, collaborate, deliver.

Read our Secure by Design article to discover more or contact us today to discuss your security challenges and requirements and start your journey to Secure by Design.