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Strategic transformation has 3 key components; Operational improvements – Digital Transformation using new technologies to solve old problems; Developing a New Operational Model – doing what you are currently doing in a fundamentally different way; Strategic Change – changing the nature of a business.

Our blended teams of Enterprise, Security & Solution Architects are supported by our Cloud Developers & Agile experts. Logiq’s teams solve complex problems, simplifying legacy capabilities and adopting the latest and most appropriate technological solutions for the transformed business. Logiq thrives on delivering innovative solutions, ensuring security is designed into every business function.



Logiq designs and builds secure information systems. Specialists in partnering with clients we can support you in delivering deliver complex, ambitious systems that need to hold and share sensitive or classified data.

Our security, network, system engineering and project management experts fully understand individual business requirements. Using the latest tools and modelling techniques, Logiq's teams consolidate data flows and understand system and user interactions across multiple platforms. Logiq delivers effective Solution Architecture solutions that are proven to enhance business process rather than hinder it.



Logiq’s cyber specialists have a clear understanding of business dynamics. Logiq will provide a holistic profile of infrastructure threats and weaknesses.

By aligning and applying the latest technical insights with an organisation’s objectives, our experts will ensure that your business is truly cyber resilient.

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Our Clients Include: